Look at her, dressed up to go out.  She has a fancy drink in her hand and possibly her beau beside her, ready for a nice night on the town.  Her face, however, is that of someone who has peered through the decorative accoutrement of life to see the bones and sinew of it when stripped of all the fleshy distractions.  This is us.  This is all of us  experiencing the isolation of quarantine and the lack of sports, or art, or music, or conversations or places or new video content .  

The world will not be the same, not for a while at least.  We spent a lifetime distracting ourselves in order to hone our skills at leapfrogging forward through time to escape the burdened of introspection or having to come face to face with our own insecurities, failures and disappointments.

We now know what our lives are without these distractions.  We can’t simply forget it, at least not quickly.  Do not despair, though.  The outlook during quarantine is artificially bleak.  We are unable to see ourselves or our loved ones progress mentally, athletically, musically or artistically. This, after all, is one of the juicy cuts of life.  We are not traveling or exposing our senses to any new experiences from which to draw inspiration.  Also, when it’s all said and done, the acute ability to indulge in the fleshy distractions should be considered part of the art of living life.  

Drink that absinth.  Have a dance.  Make love.  It will all be better in the morning.